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Why Traditional Farming?

Being a part of something that sustains humans and animals is a huge adventure. It's rewarding to see the end product, to eat a vegetable you planted, to heal animals with herbs you have tediously cared for. Gardening and greenhouse growing have been said to reduce anxiety and depression, and promote healing through the air the plants purify. It stimulates the mind and teaches responsibility and leadership. We can plant and feed the bees on the farm, that in return pollinates our vegetables and fruit, which is necessary for them to produce. When the bees collect pollen and nectar, they produce honey which we can then later harvest, eat, and learn about. The herbs we grow are great for human and animals. The chickens eat the thyme and rosemary, and we hang the mint and lavender in their coop to deter flies and mites. When we care for them, they produce eggs for our table and feed our families. Traditional farming promotes relaxation, responsibility, and is very rewarding.

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