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Our founders (Hannah & Jesse Corn) just started the journey to marriage in 2019, but started the journey to opening their own non profit long before. When Hannah was 14 she had an idea of what she wanted to do, but the concept hadn’t really found its way to the backwoods of Kentucky yet. Seeing some close family members go through some serious mental health issues, she knew her passion for horses could maybe lend a helping hand. Hannah and Jesse both grew up on small farms helping tend to animals, and discovering a great love for the outdoors and all things adventure. The mental health field and love for horses brought Hannah to study and graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Equine Management and Equine Facilitated Mental Health from Asbury University. 2008 is when the name and idea for Redemption Ranch was first born. ‘I didn’t know when or how’ Hannah said, ‘but I knew one day the Lord would bring it into fruition’. The dream started in Hannah, but soon became a calling for both of them. After work in the mission field in Uganda, Hannah moved to Nashville. Slowly, but surely, things both unraveled and fell into place to one day meet the man God made for her. Together, they began to build the dream that the Lord had put in Hannah’s heart years prior. In 2018, the Corns purchased the property where Redemption Ranch was born. Their 5 acre homestead shares the property that the Ranch calls home.

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