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Why Horses?

Why are Horses so Important?

Someone once told me ‘horses are helpful because they don’t talk back.’ Though funny at first, it's also very true. Horses don’t pose judgement or give opinions, they just listen. The Ranch Tennessee describes it so well. “Horses have a strong awareness of emotional temperament and nonverbal cues. In other words, they can read humans very well. Just as they attune to your behaviors and feelings, you can learn to attune to theirs. Horses are also large animals, which means you can’t tell them what to do or make them do a certain task just because you want them to do it that way. In equine activities, you need to learn how to collaborate with horses. You need to learn how to build a trusting relationship, which is the core of most human struggles. Your interaction with your horse can reveal rich information about your patterns and behaviors. An equine assisted program can provide emotional experiences that cultivate essential skills like:

  • Trust

  • Communication

  • Social connection

  • Self-acceptance

  • Impulse control

  • Spiritual connection

Individuals must practice patience when interacting with the horses. You need to learn how to remain calm, exhibit self-control and practice applicable problem-solving techniques. Through the horse interactions, you inherently have a sense of responsibility and accountability over your actions. All these things can positively benefit mental health.”

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